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Founded in 1998, Sloane & Company has emerged as an industry-leading strategic communications firm specializing in corporate and financial public relations, investor relations, transaction support, public affairs, crisis and litigation support. Differentiating us from the crowd, the key to the firm’s success is bringing a fluid and experienced capital markets orientation to all our assignments.

Over the past ten years, the firm has earned a reputation for providing strategic counsel to “C” level executives of Fortune 500 public companies, as well as large and mid-sized private businesses and associations. We implement programs that move beyond ideas into action and generate meaningful results for clients of all sizes.

Sloane & Company provides expertise to clients across a wide range of industries in crafting their communications strategies. The firm’s diverse portfolio inspires our professionals to think outside of the traditional bounds to reach clients’ key constituencies including customers, employees, investors, global and local opinion leaders, industry experts and political decision makers. Sloane’s team recognizes the dynamic relationships between these crucial audiences and knows how to best develop and generate value from them.

Our professionals understand and recognize the impact that media coverage has on a client’s valuation and reputation, particularly as it relates to key issues in national, state and local governments. Sloane & Company public relations programs are effective because they begin with a complete understanding of each client's business fundamentals and future goals. Every decision is tied to these strategic objectives, helping our clients shape their core positioning in the marketplace while aggressively and creatively pushing that positioning through global, national and regional media outlets.

Often, a successfully implemented investor relations program will lead to a stock price that closely matches asset value and prospects for the future. The firm’s IR work on behalf of clients is closely linked to corporate communications initiatives, making certain that all critical audiences have a deep understanding of a company’s financial results, operational strategies and long-term goals. Sloane & Company professionals have a deep understanding of the capital markets, providing client counsel that accounts for various market and economic variables, and that takes into account the many rules and regulations that affect companies with public equity and debt.

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