At Sloane & Company we are generalists with years of experience working with leading companies across all industries.  We believe in the power of the generalist model to deliver well-rounded insights to clients – to see the world more fully.  That said, we have grown centers of excellence around sectors including:


Sloane & Company has deep expertise in the energy sector, working with the nation’s largest utilities, power generators, suppliers and infrastructure companies to navigate the rapidly-evolving energy landscape and advance their communications goals.


From banking to insurance to asset management to private equity, Sloane & Company has an in-depth understanding of the financial services landscape and the knowledge, contacts and strategic expertise to helps its FS clients achieve their communications objectives.


Representing juggernauts and startups, Sloane & Company’s experience spans sectors including pharma and biotech, medical technology, delivery and managed care, and a highly active business in digital health & wellness.  Clients including athenahealth, Walgreens and StartUp Health currently benefit from our counsel at a time when reform, consumerism and a new breed of entrepreneur bring new dynamism to the industry. 


Our experience includes building, shaping, managing and enhancing brands and reputations for some of the best-known names in the real estate, airline, travel, hospitality and loyalty program arenas.  From helping a hospitality company in a time of significant crisis to building a campaign to elevate awareness of a newly launched airline, we are well versed in an industry that is highly sensitive to macro-economic, capital market and consumer focused trends and dynamics. 


Sloane & Company works with some of the world’s leading telecommunications, media and technology companies developing and implementing communications strategies that help maximize the value of their technology, services and solutions as these companies enhance and transform the way information, data and content is created, delivered, consumed and monetized.