Senior Vice President


Jenn Dahm is a Senior Vice President based in New York.  She is responsible for leading and managing the firm’s public affairs work, leveraging her unique understanding of politics, policy, and public opinion to advocate for issues on behalf of her clients. She also leads the firm’s strategic insights, including research and impact measurement.

Jenn has worked with Fortune 500 companies, associations, and coalitions in a range of industries, including agriculture, consumer packaged goods, healthcare, energy, and financial services. Her experience includes traditional research as well as cutting edge behavioral science techniques to uncover what messaging, programming, and proof points truly change perceptions.

Jenn began her career working for Frank Luntz, framing issues such as climate change, estate tax, and nuclear energy for political parties and interest groups. She specializes particularly in helping protect and improve brand and industry perceptions in a climate of skepticism.

She holds a duel Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Speech Communication from The University of Illinois.