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Matt Marriott

Digital Strategist


Matt Marriott, is a Digital Strategist at focusing on evangelizing digital thought leadership and tactics to further expand the companies wide array of offerings. Throughout his tenure in the digital space, Matt has worked to optimize client success across all platforms. Matt has worked on brand website design and UX optimization, OLA activations, Social/Digital cross-platform campaigns, as well as future tech RFP’s (AR, VR, automation).

Prior to joining Sloane & Company, Matt was an Account Executive and Digital Content Strategist at Hudson Rouge. During his tenure, he helped develop the new Lincoln.com 2.0 website, lead constant targeting and personalization optimizations, drive cross-platform campaign integration, and lead a team of UX, copy, and designers across multiple nameplate launches.

He also works as a freelance music producer, having partnered with companies such as Nike, Volvo, Golden State Warriors, YouTube, and Facebook. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts from Duke University.