At Sloane & Company, we believe every publicly-traded company has a compelling story and an audience who will listen. Our Investor Relations practice specializes in helping clients clearly and effectively communicate to Wall Street. We advocate strong company-investor relationships, realistic statements of investor-related goals, and strictly controlled disclosure.  From the pre-IPO stage through the public offering and into the secondary market, Sloane & Company offers full service investor relations counseling and execution, including:

  • Market research/perception audits
  • Shareholder communications/outreach
  • External communication drafting, editing and dissemination
  • Investment community outreach/marketing/feedback
  • Access to strong network of Wall Street influencers
  • Analyst/shareholder presentations development and training
  • Financial metric and content analysis
  • Market intelligence
  • IR focused social media campaigns
  • Counsel on short-sale campaigns
  • Private Company programs